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Please note that the terms of service on this page apply to PERSONAL COMMISSIONS only. 

For COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONS & LICENSING please reach out to me at and I will be happy to discuss your project further with you.


Personal commissions cannot be used for commercial use after they have been delivered (for example, you cannot receive a personal commission and use the artwork for prints, shirts, posters, magazines, book covers, or any other avenue that generates revenue from the artwork as this would be considered commercial).


I consider my artwork to be SFW (Safe For Work) and because of this, any artistic nudity will be censored and artistic nudity will only be drawn if it is not pornographic in nature. I can depict scenes with violence and blood but I will not draw extreme gore. I will not draw anything that promotes discrimination.


I retain full copyright ownership of the commissioned artwork. I reserve the right to post sketches, process guides, videos, tutorials, and the completed artwork to my website, art accounts/social media accounts, and Patreon. You may request a Private Commission where neither the finished artwork nor any stage of the commission is shared online, however this commission type is subject to a Privacy Fee.



I reserve the right to decline commissions without explanation. I reserve the right to cancel an in-progress commission at any point and for any reason. You may receive a partial refund if this occurs. Please refer to the Refunds section of this document for more information.

My commissions are digital artworks, and generally they will be delivered as a .PNG or .JPG/.JPEG file to the commissioner. If you require the .PSD file that will need to be agreed upon beforehand and may affect the price of the commission.



You may crop or resize the artwork as needed in order to use it for icons, banners, wallpapers, and other non-commercial graphics. You may not edit the artwork itself without my permission. You may not remove my signature from the artwork without my permission.


My artwork cannot be minted as an NFT or included in any blockchain technology.

My artwork cannot be included in a dataset used to train AI technologies.


All payments will be taken in CAD via PayPal or Credit Card. The commission must be paid in full before I will start working on it. Your position in my queue is based on (a) when the invoice was paid and (b) if the artwork has a deadline. As soon as the invoice is paid your commission will be added to my queue. Payment plans are available for commissions over $300 CAD.


You can receive a full refund on a commission up until the point where you have received the first concept sketch from me. If you have received the first sketch from me, you are able to receive a 50% refund if you would like to cancel the commission at this stage. Once colouring has started you will go longer be able to receive a refund.


Once your commission has started I aim to provide a minimum of 1 update per week until the commission is completed. Life events may cause delays, but I will do my best to keep you in the loop if any delays are expected. Please note that "started" here means that I have started sketching your commission. Waiting in my commission queue does not mean that your commission has started.

I will provide a minimum of 2 updates before sending you your final finished artwork. The first update will be the concept sketch and the second will be colours. In most cases, I do send more than 2 updates on your commission as I work on it.


For the first update, I will provide you with a black and white concept sketch for your commission, and you will have the opportunity to request revisions. Please ensure that all revision requests are made during the concept sketch stage. Once the concept sketch has been approved, any additional revisions may require additional fees. However, I will be happy to correct any mistakes at no additional fee at any stage of the commission process (for example, if I miss an important accessory). There will be no fees if I ask for your input on a change that I would like to make.
After the concept sketch is approved the second update will be my colour plans for the piece. Once the colours are approved I will begin work on shading and details. I may provide more updates than the ones I've listed here, especially if I would like your input.

Here are some examples of the black and white concept sketch, the colour update, and the final illustration:

Akiko Rough Sketch.jpg
Akiko Flats.jpg
Akiko Web.jpg
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