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Please note that the prices on this page are for PERSONAL COMMISSIONS only. 

For COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONS please fill out my contact form or shoot an email to and I will be happy to discuss your project further with you!


A shoulder-up portrait with complex shading and a botanical element such as flowers, ferns, trees, or other plants. You have the option of wreath style or full page style. For wreath style, the botanical decoration will wrap around your character like a wreath. For full page style, the botanical decoration will appear in front/behind the character and touch the edges of the canvas. Most characters will be drawn from the shoulders up but characters with long necks will be drawn from the neck up.


This commission type essentially means that you are leaving the commission completely in my hands. Just provide character reference images (and a backstory if one is available) and I'll do the rest! I'll take your character and create an illustration that I think looks really visually interesting. This commission type is a great choice if you want something a little more whimsical and stylized and you're okay with handing full control of the commission over to me. :)


Omakase commissions will have just one or two simple background elements and the scope of the pieces can range from halfbody to fullbody pieces, but I will put the same amount of effort into all omakase commissions. Corrections and small alterations are allowed but I ask that we don't stray from my vision for the piece.

The end results of omakase commissions may be used to create examples of new commission types. :)


A fully rendered scene of your character with textured painting. This will include many background elements and most of the characters body will be visible in the scene. This commission type is a great way to show your character interacting in their environment.


You absolute mad lad, you!! You want to encourage the weird little ideas that live in my head? Well say no more... you can sponsor a drawing! This allows me to work on personal pieces and artworks of my OCs. You will have my eternal gratitude and get a special thank you note when I share the artwork. In order for me to take a day off and just focus on a personal piece, this artwork starts at 100 CAD. However, you are welcome to pledge more than that if you really want to make me cry happy tears.

Please note that sponsoring a drawing does not mean that the finished artwork is yours. This is just a nice way for folks to give me chance to work on something for myself while still being able to pay my bills. If you're a fan of my work then this commission type is an incredibly kind gesture to make.


Got an idea for a commission but none of the above commission types are quite what you're looking for? Fear not! You can pitch commission ideas and I can provide an estimate for them. I'm happy to take on miscellaneous projects and would love to hear your ideas!

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