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Please note that the prices on this page are for PERSONAL COMMISSIONS only. 

For COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONS & LICENSING please reach out to me at and I will be happy to discuss your project further with you.


I am often juggling several projects at once, so please allow 1-4 months for me to complete your commission. Many of my commissions are completed well before that, but life happens and sometimes things come up that can delay the work so this is a safe estimate I like to provide. If you have a deadline for your commission please communicate that before I get started so that I can prioritize accordingly.


Please note that Character Design Reference Sheet commissions can take much longer because these require a lot of back and forth communication and many revisions.


A simple fullbody piece rendered in black and white. The background will be either a flat colour or a flat texture, and the addition of small decorations (such as stars and leaves) is allowed. There may be an additional fee for character with complex markings or complex clothing.


A shoulder-up portrait with complex shading and a botanical element such as flowers, ferns, trees, or other plants. You have the option of wreath style or full page style. For wreath style, the botanical decoration will wrap around your character like a wreath. For full page style, the botanical decoration will appear in front/behind the character and touch the edges of the canvas. Most characters will be drawn from the shoulders up but characters with long necks will be drawn from the neck up.


This commission type essentially means that you are leaving the commission completely in my hands. Just provide character reference images (and a backstory if one is available) and I'll do the rest! This commission type allows me to experiment and explore my creativity to its fullest. If you're a fan of my work and want to see what I can do with your character without holding back, this is the perfect commission type for you. This commission type will generally have a simple or stylized background and the scope of the pieces can range from halfbody to fullbody pieces, but I will put the same amount of effort into all omakase commissions.

This commission type often involves experimental colours and shading. You are welcome to request alterations during the black and white sketching stage. This commission type sometimes involves handpainted textures, so alterations to the artworks colours may not be available once colouring and shading has started.

SKETCHPAGE 100 CAD (Supporters Only)

This commission type is only available to Patreon supporters. A sketchpage is a great way to show off your character in slice of life moments, or showcase some of their abilities. The sketchpage can also include drawings of accessories and weapons. The scope of the sketchpage can vary depending on what you would like to showcase, but cannot exceed 3 fullbody drawings of the character.

Please note that sketchpage commissions are only available for characters that already have existing artwork that I can reference.

If you are interested in getting a sketchpage, all you need to do is make a small $6 per month pledge to my Patreon and you will be able to book this commission type.