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Sunny and the Border Patrol

Author Maureen Young
Cover Illustration Stephanie Stasiuk Monk
Interior Illustrations Rebecca Popowich
FriesenPress Publishing 2023

Harrow and Arty are hares and first season Border Patrollers. Their warren is within a large city.

On a cool winter evening, on patrol, Harrow and Arty discover that humans have built something terrible. A massive fence has been built around the Eastside Warren’s vegetable gardens. Long ago the Eastside Warren claimed these gardens as their own and each summer the hares gather enough food for the upcoming winter. This fence has been built with one purpose…and that purpose is to keep hares out!

The young patrollers soon find them selves on a dangerous mission. Accompanied by a senior patroller, the three hares are sent to enlist the help of the Big River Beavers who live far to the west, across the inner city.

This senior patroller, however, has plans of her own. The mission may be doomed before it even has a chance.

Sunny and the Border Patrol
I Love You Beyond the Stars.jpg

I Love You Beyond the Stars

Author Dee Appleby
Illustration Stephanie Stasiuk Monk
FriesenPress Publishing 2023

From sailing the Milky Way on a marshmallow boat to digging for fairywinkles in the sand, I Love You Beyond the Stars takes us worlds away on a magnificent adventure.


I Love You Beyond the Stars is a whimsical celebration of a childhood by the sea, of the wonders of our galaxy, the limitless imagination of children and of a grandmother’s love “beyond the stars.” The poem explores the galaxy through a child’s imagination, based on adventures Dee has enjoyed with her grandchildren — searching for treasures along the seashore and gazing up at the constellations. She reminds the reader that everything children do is magic. The story will inspire children to find the beauty in nature, to marvel at the night sky and to cherish each moment they share with loved ones.


Recommended for ages five to ten, I Love You Beyond the Stars addresses two primary themes — that a child’s imagination is limitless and should be nurtured, and that love is eternal.

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