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If you would like to get one of my existing designs as a tattoo, I would greatly appreciate the purchase of this tattoo ticket as a tip! 


If you have commissioned me to design a tattoo for you, you do not need to also purchase a tattoo ticket. This ticket is just for artwork that I have already designed.


Please note that purchasing this ticket does not mean that you are buying ownership or rights to the design. I still maintain full ownership and rights of the design.


Please check my gallery to see if the artwork was a commission or it mentions "do not use". If an artwork was a commission or says "do not use" it will be labelled as such in my gallery on my website. I do not give permission to get these artworks tattooed. These are custom art pieces that were done exclusively for the client who ordered it. If you're not sure, you can always contact me and doublecheck.


Finally, please share the tattoo photos with me! I would love to see the finished tattoos!

Tattoo Ticket

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