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Stephanie Stasiuk

About the Artist

My name is Stephanie Stasiuk and I am an illustrator living in British Columbia, Canada. I specialize in character design and I have an obsession with using unique colours in my art. I am currently a Freelance Illustrator, and my art consists of personal commissions and freelancing for FreisenPress Publishing.

In 2012 I completed a Digital Animation Certification at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

In 2022, I illustrated by first book cover for FreisenPress Publishing. With the author's permission, I will share the book cover I illustrated as soon as the book has been published.

Art Portfolio

In light of the rise of images created with the use of AI, I have decided to display my portfolio in a way that shows my process from rough sketch to final illustration. All of my artwork is drawn by hand either in Adobe Photoshop or via traditional mediums such as ink or acrylic paint.

Use the arrows to on each illustration to see my process for each piece.

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